News: Dahmer vs Gacy Screening at Starfest Convention in Denver!

Dahmer vs Gacy Screening at Starfest Convention in Denver!

We are so psyched and psychopathed about the upcoming screening in Denver on April 15th.  This will be the second year for me, ford austin, to appear as a special guest at the Starfest Horrorfest Convention and I can't wait!  The fans at Starfest are rabid.  Think about will never go to a convention called Drama-Con or RomantiCon will you?  Noone is going to dress like your character and ask you for you autograph if you play some lonely douchebag in a Jennifer Lopez movie.  they will, however, dress like your sci-fi character or drench themselves in blood and guts and go to the convention to meet you and talk to you about the movie.  That is why I love the horror / sci-fi fanbase.  They are as dedicated to the movies I make as I am.  :)  So, I will see you guys in Denver on April 15th and we will have a Gravylicious time!

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When is it screening next in LA?

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