News: Arrived in Denver at the Starfest Convention!

Arrived in Denver at the Starfest Convention!

Ford Austin here....with a special report!  I just arrived at the 2010 Starfest Convention in Denver, Colorado and I have to say it is AWESOME!  We are at the Marriott Convention Center where they are holding Dahmer Vs Gacy Night at the Convention.  We are attending a live band performance at about 8pm where the rumor is that band will be performing the Dahmer vs Gacy Original Theme song LIVE before the 10pm Dahmer vs Gacy screening. Tonight's screening kicks off the Official 1 year  DAHMER VS GACY WORLD TOUR OF GORE which will hit 11 cities on two continents in 3 countries!  Denver, Muskogee, Tulsa, Dallas, Pasadena, Big Bear City, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Canada and merry old London, England...MATE!

Of course, you guys know Jed Rowen and Johnny DeMarco are the creators of the Dahmer vs Gacy original theme song and Jed Rowen is a Special Guest of the convention along with yours truly.  

Arrived in Denver at the Starfest Convention!

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