Forum Thread: Don't miss the April 24th Event in beautiful downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma!

A full day of screenings celebrating the spirit of the true independent filmmakers and the City of Muskogee!
Come be a part of it all!!!
Featuring the Oklahoma Premieres of four powerful films created by Ford Austin, Marc Wasserman & Dave Cohen!
Stars will be in attendance! Meet Ford Austin! Meet Marc Wasserman! Meet DAVE COHEN!! LIVE AND IN PERSON!!!
Showtimes start at 4pm!
You can settle in with a nice lunch, cocktails and FREE SHOTS at the Ford Austin / Marc Wasserman / Dave Cohen Happy Hour WORLD PREMIERE screening of "Tales of Absolute Debauchery". A whimsical tale of drinking, debaucherous behavior and limo rides! Running time: 5 minutes.
Next up!
It's another WORLD PREMIERE of HOOPS: It's NOT Just a Game (Starring Marc Wasserman as Kyle). Kyle love two things: Ladies and basketball. And that is all good, until his friend Jim gets AIDS and he has to deal with all that. Running time: 81 minutes.
At 8pm, we RELOAD for another round of FREE SHOTS and a groundbreaking Award-winning dramatic thriller based on a true story about a man who's life is spiraling out of control.
The OKLAHOMA PREMIERE of Ford Austin's FALLING DOWN starring Marc Wasserman. Produced by Dave Cohen. Rated R Running time 81 minutes.
Starring Marc Wasserman, Navah Raphael, Dana Bretz, Jennifer Hynes, Tamar Rubin, Kathry Le, Christine Lee, Benny Wasserman, Ford Austin and introducing Jonah Wasserman
At 10pm, we RELOAD another round of FREE SHOTS just in time for the final feature film of the evening:
The OKLAHOMA PREMIERE of the critically acclaimed horror comedy, DAHMER VS GACY!!! Rated R. Running Time: 91 minutes!
Starring: Ford Austin (PLAYING 2 POWERFUL ROLES!!), Randal Malone, Jerry Maren, Bonnie Aarons, Steven Adler, Jed Rowen, Ethan Phillips, with Irwin Keyes & Art Lafleur!
Also featuring Harland Williams as the Voice of GOD, Peter "Godfather of Oklahoma" Zhmutski, Brooke Lewis, Felissa Rose, Alana Curry, Katie Lohmann ...
and everybody's favorite, Bare Bones Film Festival Best Actor Award Winner 2009, Marc Wasserman!!
Followed by the biggest After-Party celebration Muskogee has ever seen!!!
Prizes, Movie giveaways, and shots, shots, shots!!!
Don't miss your opportunity to celebrate in "Muskogee-wood" style!!!!
The Ford Austin / Marc Wasserman / Dave Cohen Cinema Celebration!
Saturday April 24th, 2010
Max's Garage
Historic Muskogee, Oklahoma
Doors open at 3:30pm!!!

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